Chapter 30. Setting Up a Print Server


  • Enabling remote access to a print server

  • Integrating Microsoft Windows Systems

  • Integrating Apple Mac OS X Systems

  • Troubleshooting

If you have a single system and a single printer, setting up and configuring printing is quite straightforward, and was explained in the section of Chapter 23 entitled "Adding a Printer." However, in today's more complex networked environments, the chances are that you want to access a printer on one system from many other systems, including machines that may run operating systems other than Ubuntu Linux for some legacy software or game-playing reason.

This chapter explains how to set up and tweak connectivity from other computer systems so that your printer is available to everyone else. For your convenience, this chapter also highlights the steps necessary to connect to shared Ubuntu printers from Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems. It concludes by providing some troubleshooting tips and discussions of common problems, as well as additional sources of information.


Hacking the Ubuntu printing system's configuration files and using unauthenticated printing as described in this chapter is really suitable only for home, SOHO, or SMB environments that are firewalled from the outside world, and in which you hopefully trust everyone. If you have Microsoft Windows systems in your network environment, you may simply want to set up a Samba server on the system to which your printer is attached. This will leverage ...

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