Chapter 3. Installing Ubuntu on Special-Purpose Systems


  • Getting other Ubuntu CDs

  • Installing Ubuntu Server

  • Installing an Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

  • Resolving installation problems

  • Installing from an alternative CD

The previous chapter discussed using the graphical installer that is provided as part of the Ubuntu Desktop disk, which is the CD that is included with this book. Using this disk and its installer is the standard way to install an Ubuntu Desktop system. However, as discussed in the section "Ubuntu CDs" in Chapter 1, "The Ubuntu Linux Project," other CDs are also available from the Ubuntu folks. These are the Ubuntu Server Install CD and the Ubuntu Alternate Install CD:

  • Ubuntu Server Install CD: The Ubuntu Server CD installs Ubuntu without a GUI for server systems.

  • Ubuntu Alternate Install CD: The Ubuntu Alternate CD installs Ubuntu using a quasi-graphical installer that enables you to install Ubuntu on systems without sufficient memory to run the traditional graphical installer found on the Ubuntu Desktop CDs, or on which you are using an unrecognized graphics card (the latter is quite rare).

This chapter discusses how to obtain these CDs and how to use the installation alternatives that each of them provides.

The Ubuntu Desktop CD's graphical installer differs from the quasi-graphical, Debian-based installers used on the Server and Alternate Install CDs. Before providing a graphical installer on the Desktop CDs, the Debian-based installers used by Ubuntu received their ...

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