Chapter A. Tutti‐Fruti Ubuntu

In This Chapter

  • Kubuntu: The GNOMEless Ubuntu

  • Helping young learners with Edubuntu

  • The lightweight Xubuntu

You say Ubuntu, I say Kubuntu. You say Edubuntu, I say Xubuntu. Why don't we just . . . Anyway, there's more to Ubuntu than just Ubuntu. As the song says, there are actually four variations of Ubuntu.

This appendix introduces them all. Ubuntu makes it easy to download each version and burn a CD‐ROM. You can make and boot any or all discs. It's fun to experiment and explore the diverse Ubuntu world and make the decision as to which one best suits your needs.

Trying a Different Look: Kubuntu

Kubuntu is Ubuntu that uses the K Desktop Environment (KDE) graphical desktop in place of GNOME. KDE and GNOME are similar in many ways. However, KDE is considered to use more advanced technology than GNOME.

The ordinary computer user won't find that much difference between KDE and GNOME. Some people like KDE, others like GNOME, and yet others — like myself — don't care.

Kubuntu provides the same range of applications, such as, that Ubuntu does. New Kubuntu releases follow the same six‐month schedule, too. Please browse for more information about this product.

The following instructions assume you're working from an Ubuntu computer with a writable CD‐ROM or DVD drive.

You need to download a Kubuntu CD‐ROM image from an Ubuntu mirror to a computer from which you can burn the image to a writable CD. Follow these steps:

  1. Click your Firefox browser ...

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