Chapter 8. Network Applications

Secrets in This Chapter

  • Talking with Ekiga

  • Browsing with Firefox

  • IM'ing with Pidgin

  • Accessing Other Workstations with Remote Desktop Viewer

  • Accessing Windows Servers with Terminal Server Client

  • File Sharing with BitTorrent

  • File Retrieval with gFTP

These days, working on the Internet has become almost a necessity of life. Whether you are researching school projects or working on job proposals, the Internet provides a vast wealth of information at your fingertips. The key to tapping into that information is having the correct software tools available. Ubuntu is no slouch when it comes to providing software applications to access the Internet. There's a software package for just about anything you'd want to do on the Internet. This chapter walks through the basic Internet software packages you can use in your Ubuntu installation.

The Ubuntu Internet Software Suite

The Ubuntu distribution supports a wide variety of software that allows you to interact on the Internet. A core group of Internet packages is part of the standard installation. You can access this software by selecting Applications

The Ubuntu Internet Software Suite
  • Ekiga Softphone

  • Evolution email

  • Firefox web browser

  • Pidgin instant messenger

  • Remote Desktop Viewer

  • Terminal Server Client

  • Transmission BitTorrent Client

This chapter looks at all of these applications but one. We'll save discussing the Evolution email software package for Chapter 9 ...

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