UiPath Administration and Support Guide

Book description

Practical explanations that go beyond UiPath official documentation to guide new UiPath support professionals to excel in their workplace

Key Features

  • Get a deep understanding of practical aspects of the UiPath support and administration role
  • Explore real-world UiPath support and administration use cases
  • Details best practices and tips for UiPath support and administration professionals

Book Description

UiPath administration, support, maintenance, monitoring, and deployment activities are mandatory and more challenging than developing bots. This is a major issue for many firms that are looking to scale their RPA programs.

This book will help in training new UiPath users/resources involved in administration and support tasks to address existing skill gaps in RPA market. The book starts with an introduction to the UiPath Platform. You'll learn how to set up UiPath Platform administration, support, monitoring, reporting, deployment, and maintenance. After that, you'll cover advanced topics, such as, using the orchestrator API for support operations, security, and risk management. In addition to this, best practices for each of the topics will be covered.

By the end of this book, you will have the knowledge you need to work on the support and monitoring of UiPath programs of any size.

What you will learn

  • Explore the core UiPath Platform design and architecture
  • Understand UiPath Platform support and administration concepts
  • Get to grips with real-world use cases of UiPath support, DevOps, and monitoring
  • Understand UiPath maintenance and reporting
  • Discover best practices to enable UiPath operations scaling
  • Understand the future trends in UiPath platform and support activities

Who this book is for

This book is for UiPath support professionals looking to gain a 360-degree perspective of how to perform UiPath support and administration activities and understand different components such as orchestrators, robots, support frameworks, and models. RPA developers will be able to learn UiPath support and administration to add value to their current developer role. RPA CoE leaders who want to set up or improve their UiPath support organization will also benefit from this UiPath book.

Table of contents

  1. UiPath Administration and Support Guide
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  4. About the reviewers
  5. Preface
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    2. What this book covers
    3. To get the most out of this book
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  6. Part 1: UiPath Platform and Support Setup
  7. Chapter 1: Understanding UiPath Platform Constructs and Setup
    1. UiPath Platform overview
    2. On-prem UiPath Orchestrator
      1. Single node UiPath Orchestrator architecture
      2. Multi-node UiPath Orchestrator architecture
      3. Orchestrator setup
      4. On-prem UiPath Orchestrator (single node)
    3. Cloud – UiPath Orchestrator
      1. Robots setup
      2. UiPath folders
      3. UiPath Robot machine setup
      4. UiPath Robot categories
      5. UiPath Robot setup
    4. Program organization
      1. Organizing tenants and folders
      2. Organizing the RPA environments
    5. Summary
  8. Chapter 2: Defining UiPath Support Strategy, Framework, and Models
    1. UiPath Support strategy and framework
      1. UiPath Support strategy overview
      2. UiPath Support framework
    2. UiPath Support model
      1. UiPath Support sourcing model
      2. The UiPath Support operational model
    3. Support policy
      1. Support alignment
    4. Support life cycle
      1. UiPath process onboarding
      2. UiPath process in operations
      3. UiPath process offboarding
    5. Extended support setup
      1. Internal support
      2. External support
    6. ABC Insurance Corporation UiPath Support strategy, framework, and models in action
    7. Summary
  9. Chapter 3: Setting Up UiPath Support Enablers
    1. UiPath RPA support enabler components
    2. UiPath monitoring setup
      1. Business level
      2. Application level
      3. Infrastructure level
    3. UiPath reporting setup
      1. Business reporting
      2. UiPath RPA CoE reporting
      3. UiPath support reporting
      4. UiPath release reporting
    4. UiPath deployment setup
      1. Manual deployment
      2. Automated deployment
    5. Continuous improvement setup for UiPath support
      1. Continuous improvements for UiPath business KPIs
      2. Continuous improvements for UiPath support operation KPIs
    6. Knowledge management setup for UiPath support
      1. Knowledge management pillars
      2. Tooling setup
    7. Summary
  10. Part 2: UiPath Administration, Support, DevOps, and Monitoring in Action
  11. Chapter 4: UiPath Orchestrator Administration
    1. A UiPath Orchestrator overview
      1. UiPath Orchestrator terminology
      2. UiPath Orchestrator capability
    2. UiPath cloud administration
      1. Orchestrator tenant administration
      2. User and group management
      3. License and other settings management
    3. Tenant-level entities administration
      1. Robots
      2. Folders
      3. Managing access
      4. Machines
      5. Packages
      6. Audit
      7. Credential stores
      8. Webhooks
      9. License
      10. Alerts
      11. Settings – email setup
    4. Folder level entities administration
      1. Automation
      2. Queues
      3. Assets
      4. Settings
    5. UiPath Orchestrator use cases and best practices
      1. Use cases
      2. Best practices
    6. Summary
  12. Chapter 5: Robot Management and Common Support Activities
    1. Robot management
      1. Robot on machines
      2. Robot details in Orchestrator
      3. Support request prioritization
    2. P1 – A high-priority support request
      1. S1 – All email automation jobs failing on a particular Robot
      2. S2 – Business-critical web automation bot down
      3. S3 – Attended automation job failed
    3. P2 – A medium-priority support request
      1. S1 – A business query on the failed job run
      2. S2 – Execution logs are not generated for a machine
      3. S3 – Robot provision or unprovision during ServiceNow maintenance
    4. P3 – A low-priority support request
      1. S1 – Managing business users in the audit report
      2. S2 – Advanced trigger management
      3. S3 – Logs check and email alert issues
    5. Other support requests
      1. Complex support requests
      2. Periodic support requests
    6. Summary
  13. Chapter 6: DevOps in UiPath
    1. UiPath build and deployment management
      1. The ABC Insurance UiPath manual build and deployment process
    2. DevOps and its lifecycle
    3. Continuous Development and Continuous Integration
      1. Continuous Development of UiPath automation
      2. Continuous Integration with GitHub
    4. Continuous testing, deployment, and monitoring
      1. Continuous testing with UiPath Test Suite
      2. Continuous Deployment with the UiPath Jenkins plugin
      3. Continuous monitoring
    5. DevOps in action in the ABC Insurance UiPath CoE
      1. Automated deployment process in the ABC Insurance UiPath COE
    6. Summary
  14. Chapter 7: Monitoring and Reporting in UiPath
    1. The UiPath monitoring and reporting framework
      1. The ABC Insurance UiPath monitoring and reporting framework
    2. Level 1 – Business-level monitoring and reporting
      1. UiPath Insights
      2. Monitoring at the business level
      3. Reporting at the business level
    3. Level 2 – Application-level monitoring and reporting
      1. Monitoring at the application level
      2. Reporting at the application level
    4. Level 3 – Infrastructure-level monitoring and reporting
      1. Monitoring at the infrastructure level
      2. Reporting at the infrastructure level
    5. Monitoring and reporting options and best practices for the UiPath program
      1. Popular monitoring and reporting tool options
      2. UiPath program and CoE reporting
      3. Best practices in handling monitoring and reporting requests
    6. Summary
  15. Part 3: UiPath Maintenance and Future Trends
  16. Chapter 8: UiPath Maintenance and Upgrade
    1. UiPath platform maintenance (on-premises)
      1. UiPath application server maintenance
      2. UiPath database server maintenance
    2. UiPath system health check (on-premises)
      1. UiPath application maintenance
      2. UiPath data maintenance
      3. UiPath infrastructure maintenance
    3. Robot machine maintenance
      1. Robot machine health check
      2. Precautions for mitigating robot machine health issues
    4. Other UiPath maintenance activities
    5. UiPath platform upgrade activities (on-premises)
      1. UiPath Orchestrator upgrade
      2. Studio upgrade
      3. Robot upgrade
      4. Other popular on-premises UiPath product upgrades
      5. Best practices in UiPath upgrade activities
    6. Summary
  17. Chapter 9: UiPath Support – Advanced Topics and Future Trends
    1. UiPath Self Service support catalog
      1. UiPath application services
      2. UiPath job run services
      3. UiPath access services
      4. UiPath monitoring services
    2. UiPath Support apps
      1. Orchestrator management apps
      2. Monitoring apps
      3. Maintenance apps
    3. Advanced topics
      1. Disaster recovery and the business continuity plan
      2. IT security
      3. Risk management
      4. Auditing and compliance
    4. UiPath product ecosystem support
      1. Task Capture
      2. Process Mining
      3. Task Mining
      4. Test Manager
      5. Document Understanding
    5. Future trends in UiPath support and administration
      1. Auto-healing bots
      2. An ML-based ticketing solution
      3. Container-based deployments and autoscaling
      4. Multi-vendor ecosystem
      5. Automated support setup with advanced monitoring
    6. Summary
  18. Index
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Product information

  • Title: UiPath Administration and Support Guide
  • Author(s): Arun Kumar Asokan
  • Release date: September 2022
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781803239088