Ultimate Basic Business Skills: Training an Effective Workforce

Book description

Your business workforce is changing and you need to change with it! Employees are no longer coming to the table with the fundamental business skills needed for your company to succeed. Brand-new from ASTD, the organization that knows how to teach people at work, comes in an easy-to-use book that provides the training foundation on which to build and improve basic business skills. Use it to help your employees' skill levels grow or to improve your own skills for a more effective and efficient workplace. Included in this volume are 20 basic communications, office, and business skills training programs that will guarantee improvement in your employees' expertise. Clearly presented in short, four-hour training sessions that are completely customizable, this resource will help your workforce elevate its professionalism and increase communication and customer service expertise.

Product information

  • Title: Ultimate Basic Business Skills: Training an Effective Workforce
  • Author(s): Christee Gabour Atwood
  • Release date: December 2009
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 9781562865894