Ultimate Graphic Design Course: Create 40 Practical Projects

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This course is a must for everyone who needs any type of graphics for their business or career. You will not only learn new tips and techniques but also be able to build a portfolio. You will learn how to create all sorts of designs that are very much required in today’s digital age.

You will start by learning how to create clickable Facebook ads followed by which you will learn to create Instagram posts that will get you tons of likes. You will also learn to create YouTube thumbnails that will get you clicks. Learn to create newsletters that will improve your open rate and click-through rate. You will also learn to create CVs (résumés) that will get you hired or promoted and create business cards that will make a lasting impression. Learn to create logo design principles that will leave you amazed.

After that, you will also learn to design an indoor ad banner; you will learn about typography and layout, and the styling of the banner. You will also learn to design a product catalog, set up the catalog project in Photoshop, and style large amounts of text.

Photoshop is not just about manipulating photos, making your waist smaller, or removing acne. By the end of this course, you will be able to use Photoshop, like the powerful tool it is, and supercharge your career or personal projects.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the world of graphic design
  • Learn to design a Facebook cover project
  • Learn to create clickable YouTube thumbnails
  • Learn about the Instagram content creation hack
  • Learn how to design a business card
  • Learn to design an indoor ad banner


Anyone who wants to learn graphic design and create beautiful content, business owners and entrepreneurs who need all sorts of graphics for their projects, and bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators in general, will all benefit tremendously from this course.

About The Author

Cristian Doru Barin: Chris Barin is a seasoned web and app designer with extensive Photoshop experience. As an Adobe Certified Instructor and Photoshop Expert, he has gained the trust of over 270,000 students worldwide. Chris’s courses are practical and result-driven, emphasizing efficiency. From his freelance beginnings to running a successful Android design studio, he has earned over $50k and amassed 100 million app downloads.

Passionate about teaching, Chris shares his experiences vocally, offering top-rated/best-selling courses on Udemy. His responsiveness, clear explanations, and effective teaching style have a huge fan following. He loves to connect with learners to enhance their learning experience and gain valuable insights into the design industry.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Design the World of Graphic Design
    1. Welcome and How to Use This Course
    2. Quick Answers to Get Started
    3. First Exercise
    4. How to Make Your Life Easier as a Designer
    5. Graphic Design – A Down-to-Earth Explanation
    6. Using Photoshop for Every Project
    7. Design Assets
    8. Best Sources for Design Assets
    9. Setting Up Photoshop
    10. Activity: Mix and Match Design Assets
    11. What Does It Take to Create Beautiful Graphics?
  2. Chapter 2 : Design a Facebook Cover Project
    1. Introduction
    2. Project Settings and Aspect Ratios
    3. Creating Text Assets from Scratch
    4. Selecting Image Assets
    5. Arranging the Assets on the Canvas
    6. Designing the Cover
    7. Typography for the Facebook Cover
    8. Fine-Tuning the Cover
    9. Conclusion
  3. Chapter 3 : Facebook Cover Project #2
    1. Introduction
    2. Analyze Your Assets and Options
    3. Setting the Project’s Foundation
    4. Creating a Neutral Background with a Noise Texture
    5. Sizing Up the Products Correctly
    6. Creating Shadows for the Products
    7. Fine-Tuning the Cover
    8. Using Vector Graphics to Create Version 2
    9. Creative Facebook Cover Iteration
  4. Chapter 4 : Create Clickable YouTube Thumbnails
    1. The Connection Between YouTube Thumbnails and Views
    2. The Power of a Mockup
    3. The Absolute Best Way to Design YouTube Thumbnails
    4. Classic YouTube Thumbnail – Part 1
    5. Classic YouTube Thumbnail – Part 2
    6. Abstract YouTube Thumbnail – Part 1
    7. Abstract YouTube Thumbnail – Part 2
    8. Choose Your Own Style
    9. Before and After Thumbnail
    10. Illustration-Based Thumbnail – Part 1
    11. Illustration-Based Thumbnail – Part 2
    12. Personal Brand Thumbnail
    13. Text Behind and in Front of You
    14. Conclusions
  5. Chapter 5 : Designs for Instagram
    1. Introduction
    2. How to Post on Instagram from Our Computer
    3. Content Creation Hack
    4. Clean Product Presentation – Part 1
    5. Clean Product Presentation – Part 2
    6. Instagram Mockups – Easy
    7. Inspirational Content – Part 1
    8. Inspirational Content – Part 2
    9. Black and White Content
    10. Food Content
    11. Personal Branding – Part 1
    12. Personal Branding – Part 2
    13. Content Striking Colors – Part 1
    14. Content Striking Colors – Part 2
  6. Chapter 6 : Design for Facebook Ads
    1. Introduction
    2. Framing Facebook Ads and Quality Standards
    3. Colorful Product Ad – Part 1
    4. Colorful Product Ad – Part 2
    5. Colorful Product Ad – Part 3
    6. Colorful Product Ad – Part 4
    7. The Question of Stock Photos and Freebies in FB Ads
    8. Vector-Based Ad – Part 1
    9. Vector-Based Ad – Part 2
    10. Vector-Based Ad – Part 3
    11. Vector-Based Ad – Part 4
    12. The Pros and Cons of People-Based Facebook Ads
    13. People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 1
    14. People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 2
    15. People-Based Facebook Ad – Part 3
    16. Best Facebook Ad Template – The Foundation
    17. Best Facebook Ad Template – The Details
    18. Conclusions
  7. Chapter 7 : Design Business Cards
    1. Introduction
    2. Colorful Business card for the CEO – The Essentials
    3. Colorful Business Card for the CEO – The Details
    4. Colorful Business Card for the CEO – Beautiful Icons
    5. What Do ‘Simple’ and ‘Clean’ Mean?
    6. Personal Branding Business Card
    7. Business Card Best Design Practices
    8. Corporate Business Card – Foundation
    9. Corporate Business Card – Icon Design
  8. Chapter 8 : Design Beautiful CVs (Resumes)
    1. CV (Curriculum Vitae) Designs in Today’s Market
    2. Deciding on a CV Style
    3. Setting the Foundation of the CV
    4. Choosing a Typeface – Important!
    5. Rocking Typography
    6. Gorgeous Icons for Your CV
    7. Staying Consistent in Your Design
    8. Negative Space in a CV Design
    9. Creating a Timeline for Your CV
    10. Final Thoughts for the Clean CV Project
  9. Chapter 9 : Design Another Beautiful CV
    1. Creative CV Design
    2. Modern Typography for a Creative CV
    3. Use Freepik to Make Your CV Stand Out
    4. How to Adjust Vectors and Add Detailed Icons
    5. Fine-Tuning the CV
    6. The Last 10% Makes All the Difference
  10. Chapter 10 : Design Great Newsletters
    1. Newsletters in Today’s Market
    2. Newsletter Styles
    3. Colorful Newsletter in Mailchimp and Photoshop
    4. Create a Catchy Newsletter Hero Element in Photoshop
    5. Adding Extra Details
    6. The Most Important Element: The CTA
    7. Create Effective Layouts in Mailchimp
    8. Inserting New Content in Mailchimp
    9. Balancing Graphics with Content
    10. Design Overview
  11. Chapter 11 : Create Animated Newsletters
    1. Animated Newsletter in Mailchimp and Photoshop
    2. Create the Product Presentation in Photoshop
    3. Animating the Product Presentation – Method #1
    4. Animating the Product Presentation – Method #2
    5. Create the Call to Action
    6. Creating a Gift Design for the Newsletter in Photoshop
    7. Animating the Gift Box – The Lid
    8. Animating the Gift Box – The Stars and Text
  12. Chapter 12 : Graphic Design Analysis with Chris Barin
    1. Introduction
    2. Mazda 3 Launch Ad
    3. Travel Agency Templates – Good or Bad?
    4. Original Design Versus Templates
    5. Hiring People Through Beautiful Ads
    6. Premium Office Building Ad
    7. Huge Telecom Company Blunder
    8. 50% for 5%
    9. The Reason Why Most Designs Are Cluttered
    10. Clichés and Stereotypes in Graphic Design
  13. Chapter 13 : Printed Design: Indoor Ad Banner
    1. Introduction
    2. Everything about the Style Guide
    3. Indoor Ad Banner: Laying Things Out
    4. Indoor Ad Banner: Typography and Layout
    5. Indoor Ad Banner: Styling
    6. Indoor Banner: Final Touches and Conclusions
    7. Extras: Create an Indoor Ad Banner Mockup
    8. Section Conclusions
  14. Chapter 14 : Printed Design: Product Catalogue
    1. Introduction
    2. Set Up the Catalog Project in Photoshop
    3. Styling the Cover of the Catalog
    4. Fine-Tuning the Cover
    5. Add Something Extra to the Cover
    6. Interior Page Style: Typography
    7. Interior Page Style: Layout
    8. Styling Large Amounts of Text
    9. Interior Pages Overview
    10. Conclusions
  15. Chapter 15 : Logo Design
    1. The Truth about Logo Design
    2. Should You Design Logos as a Freelancer?
    3. Creating Logos in Photoshop
    4. The Complexity behind a Logo
    5. Gathering Information
    6. Worst Techniques for Logo Design
    7. Best Techniques for Logo Design
  16. Chapter 16 : Final Thoughts
    1. Final Thoughts

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  • Title: Ultimate Graphic Design Course: Create 40 Practical Projects
  • Author(s): Cristian Doru Barin
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781839216244