The Umbraco project is supported by a very strong community of developers and users alike. Because of the active user base support, answers are typically just a few minutes away as soon as you post a problem on the community support site. You can access this site at

The community site also contains a lot of development documentation and, of course, the ever-growing package repository where you can download plug-ins for your Umbraco installation.

The coolest thing about participating in the Umbraco community is earning what's known as Karma. The Karma will increase your rating on the community site and if you earn enough you will be featured under the People section. Karma increases the more you participate and can be earned by all sorts of actions. These actions include answering questions that people may post on the forum, adding to the wiki where you identify holes, sharing your development in the form of packages, and more. We encourage you, as an Umbraco user, to participate on the forums as it is where most of the users get started.

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