In this chapter, you saw how to identify Umbraco issues and determine solutions. After reading this chapter, you should know how to:

  • Use the installation issues checklist to quickly identify and correct installation related issues
  • Use the Umbraco umbracoLog table and the Windows Event Log to identify issues with your Umbraco site
  • For production sites, disable some of the default Umbraco logging by editing the /config/umbracoSettings.config file for your site
  • Use the Umbraco XSLT Visualizer to verify that your XSLT works as expected and identify when it doesn't
  • Set a default 404 page for your Umbraco site to give your site visitors a good experience when a page cannot be found
  • Use the built-in Umbraco properties, umbracoRedirect and umbracoInternalRedirectId, to maintain your site's links when you make changes to page names or site structure

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