“What you seek is only a dream away” was the phrase I kept muttering to myself as I settled into my apartment that evening. Located on the Upper East Side, my one-bedroom place was small but well lit and well appointed, thanks to a talented decorator I ended up dating for a short while.

“A dream away …” I wondered if the message was indeed literal, that I'd perhaps learn something while I slept, maybe even that night. My next thought was how horrible it would be to learn the meaning of life but then wake up without any memory of it. That's when I remembered Larry's mention of lucid dreaming.

I grabbed my iPad and googled the term. Over three million results. Wikipedia said that “A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.” Okay, I thought to myself, this might be the right path. Maybe this is what the beggar meant.

Trying to narrow down the results, I typed in “lucid dream workshops near me.” I much preferred experiential learning to most other methods, so attending a face-to-face workshop felt right. On page two of the search, I saw an advertisement for a workshop at a nearby center, but it was another one outside the city that caught my attention and spoke directly to me. “Learn how to wake up in your dreams” was obvious enough, and then after a few more bullets, “Learn how to find the answers you're looking for.” ...

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