Under Control: Governance Across the Enterprise

Book description

Under Control captures decades of business governance experience from many of the leading authorities at CA, Inc. This book sets out not only to explain the essential challenges of effective business governance, but to help you build solutions for your organization based on lessons learned at CA from its customers and in its own corporate structure.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Contributors
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
  6. The Rise of Governance
    1. What Does Governance Really Mean?
    2. The Drivers for Governance
    3. Globalization and Complexity
    4. The Challenge of Information Silos
    5. A New, Unified Approach
    6. Conclusion
  7. Governance Today
    1. The Goals of Governance
    2. Governance Stakeholders
    3. Governance in the Real World
    4. Conclusion
  8. Policy Management
    1. Identifying Business Requirements
    2. Creating Policies
    3. Establishing Controls
    4. Monitoring and Remediating Compliance Controls
    5. A Life-Cycle Example
    6. Conclusion
  9. Risk Management
    1. The Rise of Risk Management
    2. Elements of Successful ERM
    3. The Risk Management Process: A Bird's-Eye View
    4. Risk Management Process: Key Phases
    5. Conclusion
  10. Risk Governance and the Board of Directors
    1. The Role of the Board as It Relates to Governance
    2. The Board and the Financial Crisis
    3. Experience as a Catalyst for Change
    4. Evolution of Boards
    5. Best Practices
    6. Conclusion
  11. Governance of Risk and Compliance
    1. Organizing for Risk
    2. Partnering with the Business
    3. Aligning the Organization for an Integrated Approach to Risk
    4. Developing a Holistic Vision of Controls Monitoring and Reporting
    5. Executive and Board Involvement
    6. Conclusion
  12. IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance
    1. IT and GRC—Perfect Together
    2. IT GRC Roles
    3. The Challenge of Risk vs. Cost
    4. IT Compliance Controls
    5. IT GRC Principles
    6. Conclusion
  13. Governance and Portfolio Management
    1. Bringing It All Together
    2. Comparing Apples to Apples
    3. Optimizing Your Most Valuable Asset
    4. Doing Things Right: Managing Performance and Risk
    5. Communicating Customer Value
    6. Reaping the ROI of PPM
    7. Getting Started with Best Practice Frameworks and Methodologies
    8. Conclusion
  14. The Regulatory Environment
    1. The Shifting Regulatory Landscape
    2. Navigating the U.S. Regulatory Environment
    3. Regulatory Approaches
    4. A Regulatory Model
    5. Regulation Awareness
    6. Key Strategies to Manage Regulatory Compliance
    7. Conclusion
  15. Governance and Finance
    1. The Role of Finance
    2. Traditional Finance
    3. The Evolution of Finance
    4. Managing Interdependencies
    5. Guiding Optimization of Decisions
    6. Creating Intersections
    7. Goals of the Finance Organization
    8. Creating the Proper Environment
    9. Managing Technologies
    10. Systematizing Governance
    11. Transformation of the Finance Organization
    12. Keeping Pace in the Regulatory Race
    13. A Streamlined Approach Is Mandated
    14. Challenges and Opportunities
    15. Conclusion
  16. Information Governance
    1. Information Governance Basics
    2. The Components of Information Governance
    3. Goals of Information Governance
    4. Driving Forces for Information Governance
    5. Social Implications of Information Governance
    6. The Benefits of Good Information Governance
    7. Information Governance and Discovery
    8. Information Governance and Information Technology
    9. Information Governance and Cloud Computing
    10. An Information Government Framework
    11. Seven Steps to Achieving Good Information Governance
    12. Getting Started
    13. The Mandate is Clear: Gain Control over Information
    14. Conclusion
  17. Governance and Sustainability
    1. Sustainability Alignment Factors
    2. Investing in Sustainability
    3. Building a Sustainability Program
    4. Carbon Trading Is Coming
    5. IT and Sustainability
    6. Conclusion
  18. Corporate Governance Principles of CA, Inc.
    1. General
    2. Role and Functions of the Board
    3. Executive Stock Ownership Guidelines
    4. These Principles
  19. Compliance and Risk Committee Charter of CA, Inc.
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Under Control: Governance Across the Enterprise
  • Author(s): Jacob Lamm
  • Release date: December 2009
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430215929