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Tobias BaerUnderstand, Manage, and Prevent Algorithmic Biashttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4885-0_23

23. How to Institutionalize Debiasing

Tobias Baer1 
Kaufbeuren, Germany

The first thing I learned as a consultant is that it is easy to have good ideas—the real challenge is in implementing them! Having read 22 chapters of this book already, your head hopefully is brimming with good ideas on how to fight algorithmic bias. But how do you make it happen, especially if you, say, oversee a couple of hundred data scientists who are chasing deadlines and prove to be human by exhibiting their fair share of overconfidence bias?

In this chapter, I will introduce seven specific steps to institutionalizing the debiasing practices discussed ...

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