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Tobias BaerUnderstand, Manage, and Prevent Algorithmic Biashttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4885-0_6

6. How Real-World Biases Are Mirrored by Algorithms

Tobias Baer1 
Kaufbeuren, Germany

Now that you have heard about the many ways human behavior can be biased on the one hand and how complex the development of an algorithm is on the other hand, you have probably started to appreciate in how many ways algorithmic biases can arise. In this second part of the book, we will examine in greater detail the different ways algorithmic biases can be introduced.

In this chapter, we will grab the bull by its horns and tackle first the most difficult type of algorithmic bias: the algorithmic bias caused by biased behaviors in the real world. ...

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