Appendix BTABLES

Table B.1 Standard Normal Distribution
Table B.2 Binomial Probability Function
Table B.3 Percentage Points of the Chi-squared Distribution
Table B.4 Percentage Points of Student's bapp02-math-0001 Distribution
Table B.5 Percentage Points of the bapp02-math-0002 Distribution, bapp02-math-0003
Table B.6 Percentage Points of the bapp02-math-0004 Distribution, bapp02-math-0005
Table B.7 Percentage Points of the bapp02-math-0006 Distribution, bapp02-math-0007
Table B.8 Percentage Points of the bapp02-math-0008 Distribution, bapp02-math-0009
Table B.9 Percentage Points of the Studentized Range Distribution
Table B.10 Studentized Maximum Modulus Distribution

Table B.1 Standard Normal Distribution ...

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