Appendix 2. Common Military Acronyms and Abbreviations

AD  Active Duty

AGR  Active Guard/Reserve

BDE  Brigade

BN  Battalion

CBRNE  Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, and Explosive

CIV  Civilian

CONUS  Continental United States

DoD  Department of Defense

ENL  Enlisted

FM  Field Manual

FRG  Family Readiness Group

JAG Judge Advocate General

MEDCOM  Medical Command

MEPS  Military Entrance Processing Station

MOA  Memorandum of Agreement

MOS  Military Occupational Specialty

MTF  Medical/Military Treatment Facility

MWR  Morale, Welfare & Recreation

NGO  Nongovernmental Organization

OCONUS  Outside the Continental United States

OFF  Officer

OTSG  Office of the Surgeon General

PCS  Permanent Change of Station

POC  Point of Contact

POV  Privately ...

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