15.10. Case Study

You can use the tools available in DB2 to examine how much memory is being used by different DB2 operations.

To get the most useful information, start with a stopped DB2 instance. Running the memory tracker tool, db2mtrk, indicates that the instance is not running (see Figure 15.7)

Figure 15.7. Verifying that an instance is not running
03/28/2005 13:39:29     0   0   SQL1064N  DB2STOP processing was successful.
SQL1064N  DB2STOP processing was successful.

C:\>db2mtrk -i -p -v
Tracking Memory on: 2005/03/28 at 13:39:31

Instance not started

Start the instance and see how much memory it will use (see Figure 15.8).

Figure 15.8. Seeing how much memory an instance uses
C:\>db2start 03/28/2005 13:47:08 0 0 SQL1063N DB2START processing ...

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