andon. Light above a production line indicating whether there is a problem

ba. Place

bunkatsu hôshiki. Divided production system

burando ryoku. Brand power

bushido. The way of the samurai

freeter. Job-hopping part-time worker

gai(koku)jin. Foreigner

ganbaru. Do one’s best

haken. Dispatch worker

hanseikai. Reflection meeting

hikikomori. Social dropout who constantly stays at home

hitori hôshiki. One-man production system

ippanshoku. Career in administration of a Japanese company

jidôka. Automation

jinmyaku. Personal relationships

junkai hôshiki. Chase production system

kaisha. Japanese firm

kaizen. Improvement

kanban. Card (used in manufacturing)

keiretsu. Japanese conglomerate

kôhai. One’s junior (somebody who entered the company at ...

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