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B. N. Ilag et al.Understanding Microsoft Teams Administrationhttps://doi.org/10.1007/979-8-8688-0014-6_4

4. Teams Audio Conferencing and Phone System Management

Balu N Ilag1  , Durgesh Tripathy2 and Vijay Ireddy3
Tracy, CA, USA
Bengaluru, India
Plano, Texas, TX, USA

Balu N Igala*, Vijay Ireddy

a Tracy, CA, USA

Microsoft Teams provides different capabilities, such as persistent chat, audio and video calls, conferences (dial-in and client join), and phone systems (inbound/outbound PSTN calls). So far, you have learned how Teams features work, how the components interact, and management aspects. This chapter covers Teams conference management, including ...

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