Understanding Multi-Region Application Architecture

Book description

Globally, natural disasters are increasing in both severity and frequency—and the risk of cloud provider outages and infrastructure failures are increasing right along with them. Human error, malicious attacks, and downtime required for updates and maintenance are other perennial threats to operational resilience. Multi-region application architectures mitigate these risks: if one region becomes unavailable, traffic is automatically routed to functioning regions, reducing or fully avoiding downtime while ensuring continuous service availability.

This detailed report examines the benefits of building or obtaining your own multi-region application architecture.

Principal engineer Rob Reid shows database administrators, software architects, platform architects, and principal and senior software engineers how an organization can deploy an application and database across multiple regions for performance, compliance, resilience, and efficient business expansion into new markets. You'll learn how a multi-region application architecture enables you to reduce or fully avoid downtime while ensuring continuous service availability.

This report helps you:

  • Explore real-world multi-region application architectures in production at well-known companies
  • Learn the design patterns and antipatterns for building your own multi-region application architectures
  • Identify unique considerations for your multi-region architecture, including location of users, location of applications, and resilience goals
  • Learn ways to match database topologies to distributed workloads
  • Learn the value of multi-region applications for both your organization and your business goals

Product information

  • Title: Understanding Multi-Region Application Architecture
  • Author(s): Rob Reid
  • Release date: February 2024
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781098164461