Note: n indicates an endnote

1909 Copyright Act 11, 345, 50n67, 50n71, 55, 56, 667n8-9; see also copyright

1976 Copyright Act: as a revision of the 1909 act 1112; anonymous and pseudonymous works, 50n70; the codification of the in the U.S. Code, 46n8; on compulsory music licenses, 67n18; copyright infringement, 357, 46n11; copyright notices and registration, 24, 48n43, 48n45; on derivative works, 48n50; on the digital audio transmission right, 68n26; on distribution, 67n15; on the duration of copyright, 345, 46n9, 50nn67–8, 612; on musical works, 55, 612, 66n6, 67nn14–23; on originality, 46n13; on performance rights, 28, 49n54, 68n29; on royalties, 57, 68nn27–28; Section 101 on derivative works, 48n50; Section 101 on work for ...

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