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Understanding Web Performance

Book Description

Among the many key performance indicators discussed in high-level executive meetings, one is rarely included: web performance. Yet, this particular metric is critical for tracking positive customer experience as well as the success of your digital transformation process. In this report, Tom Barker—Senior Director of Software Engineering and Development at Comcast—discusses concrete steps you can take as a business leader to elevate the status of web performance in your organization.

Customers are ruthless when it comes to assessing sites. Even if you think your application is functioning just fine, the mere perception of poor performance will cause customers to go elsewhere. This report outlines the importance of web performance and explains how your involvement as an executive can help spark company-wide involvement in this valuable process.

You’ll explore how to:

  • Set annual goals for creating and maintaining performance service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Identify champions in the company who can serve as grass roots organizers driving web performance
  • Implement tactical changes to help your organization achieve web performance goals
  • Evaluate the current performance of your application and identify areas that need improvement
  • Invest in an application performance management (APM) platform to administer the maintenance of your SLA