Managed Cards at websites, 244–246

Personal Cards at websites, 243–244

Access Denied errors, 236

accessibility, 283


associating Information Cards with, 288

creating, 288–291

maintenance, 297

recovering, 291–293

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), 327

ad hoc connections to services, 329


MEX addresses, 201

WS-Addressing, 144

ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), 327

age-restricted markets, 332

airline mileage cards, 311

algorithms, asymmetric key, 39–41

applications, connecting to, 330

AreCardsSupported() function, 279–282

Argument Error, 236

asset virtualization, 10–16

associating Information Cards with accounts, 288

assuming consent, 324–325

asymmetric key algorithms, 39–41


brute-force ...

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