I've always found acknowledgement pages pretty boring. I usually flick past them and, quite honestly, I wasn't going to include one. Then I realised it wasn't all about me. Yes, many people will skip this page, but for those who have contributed to this book — for them — this page is a big deal! And so it should be. There are more people that I want to thank than can conceivably fit on this page. For those I miss, check the website — I haven't forgotten you!

To my brilliant co-authors, thank you for your efforts, your support, your time, your patience, your understanding and your awesomeness! I am honoured to have had the opportunity to work with you all on this project! Bernard, you were the original inspiration for this book — thank you for your support and your time over the past few years. It was your wise words about Gen Y and their future potential that inspired my light-bulb moment, which very quickly transformed into Understanding Y. To Rob Kaldor — without your efforts and support, this book might have remained one of my many pipedreams. Thank you for being brilliant and helping turn my dream into a reality.

My amazing editors, Sarah Crisp, Christine Moore, Keira de Hoog, Allison Hiew, Lucy Raymond and Alice Berry — you have collectively made this journey one of the best experiences of my life. Sarah — I will forever cherish our long chats, your guidance and support! Christine, you did such an amazing job at whipping this book into shape, and were ...

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