CHAPTER 9 Engaging Y

Scott Broome & Stacey Taylor

In recent times, Gen Y has emerged as one of the most complex demographics to engage. Compared to previous generations, the critical Gen Y audience has become seemingly anesthetised to traditional modes of engagement. However, by understanding the various motivations that drive the Gen Y segment, strategic rules of engagement can be employed in order to communicate with them effectively.

Securing the undivided engagement of a person or group has always been a complex and arduous task. When engaging a specific person or group, an accurate understanding of their motivations is crucial. Recognising and understanding a person's motives is necessary to spark their interest and involvement. Inspiring them to participate in a particular task or activity will strengthen and deepen the subject's initial interest. When a person contextualises information in a meaningful way, they form a relationship with that content — and want to demonstrate a level of commitment to it. Establishing this commitment stimulates an underlying need and is considered a form of effective engagement.

The methods used to engage Gen Y are often manipulated to suit varying environmental settings. Capturing Gen Y's attention in the workplace will require a starkly different approach to engaging Gen Y in a consumer ...

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