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Book Description

The real secret to career success and what it takes to get ahead is EQ

UNEQUALED is the client service professional's guide to getting ahead and achieving professional goals. You're smart and hard working, but guess what—so is everyone else. So how do you stand out? You need to distinguish yourself in order to get ahead, but simply being good at your job is not enough. Moving up is about soft skills, networking, client connections, emotional intelligence, and your personal reputation. This book is a frank and candid guide to what it really takes to succeed in the field, packed with insights, stories, and actionable tips based on the author's 40 years at Morgan Stanley. You'll learn how to lead, when to follow, and how to build the reputation you need to get ahead in a competitive field.

This book shows you how to step up your relationships, strengthen your soft skills, and build your brand for success.

  • Differentiate yourself and expand your career
  • Build relationships through planning and preparation and deliver commercial results
  • Lead effectively, increase productivity, and build a better work environment
  • Build, enhance, and leverage your personal brand to support your own success
  • Network effectively to find mentors and sponsors

Realizing your career goals means being visible, having influence, and crafting a reputation as a valuable contributor while delivering outstanding results. UNEQUALED shows you how to adapt yourself, collaborate with colleagues, influence clients, and become an excellent boss.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright
  3. Dedication
  4. Preface
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Part 1: Navigating Your Career (How to Manage Yourself)
    1. Chapter I: What Is There Other Than Brains and Hard Work?
    2. Chapter II: Emotional Quotient (EQ)
      1. Adaptability
      2. Adapting to Adversity
      3. Collaboration
      4. Empathy
    3. Chapter III: The Three Ds: Details, Deadlines, and Data
      1. Details Always Matter
      2. Know Your Deadlines
      3. Get the Data Right!
    4. Chapter IV: Expectations and Evaluations
      1. Promotion Committee
      2. Grab That Cup of Coffee with the Boss
    5. Chapter V: Networking: Risks, Benefits, and Tips
      1. Benefits of Networking
      2. Be Systematic
      3. Icebreakers
      4. Currency
    6. Chapter VI: Where Are You?
      1. How to Be Happier
      2. Create a Roadmap to Your Dream Job
      3. Navigating the Headwinds and Tailwinds of Your Career
    7. Chapter VII: Selling Yourself
      1. Speak Up
    8. Chapter VIII: The Path to Sponsorship
      1. Role Models
      2. Mentors
      3. Sponsors
    9. Chapter IX: Magic Formula
      1. Ability
      2. Opportunity
      3. Courage
  7. Part 2: Becoming More Commercial (How to Work with Your Clients)
    1. Chapter X: Why Is Being Commercial Relevant to You?
      1. Turn Client Relationships into Revenue
      2. How to Be More Commercial
    2. Chapter XI: How to Win Business
      1. The Art of Building Client Relationships
      2. How to Monetize Client Relationships
      3. How to Better Persuade Others
    3. Chapter XII: How to Prepare for the Client Meeting
      1. The Four Rs
      2. Change of Mindset
      3. Have a Strong Opening and Strong Close
      4. How to Ask for the Order
      5. Dealing with Rejection
    4. Chapter XIII: Differentiating Yourself with Clients
      1. Differentiating Yourself through Likability and Trust
      2. Differentiating Yourself through Insight
      3. Using the Apple Five Steps of Service
    5. Chapter XIV: Assessing the Client Situation
      1. Know Your Client's Vital Signs
      2. How to Know if You Are Making Progress with a Client
    6. Chapter XV: How Firm Strategy Is Commercial
      1. Know Your Firm's Strategy
      2. Connect Firm Strategy to Commercial Impact
      3. Clients Hire Your Firm and They Hire You
      4. Trust-Based Client Relationships
  8. Part 3: Becoming an Exceptional Leader
    1. Chapter XVI: Engaging and Leading People
      1. Three Hats
      2. Three Cs of Team Building
      3. Screening Prospective Team Members
    2. Chapter XVII: The War for Talent
      1. The Three Ms
      2. Be Alert to the Three Ds
      3. Values and Culture
    3. Chapter XVIII: Importance of Exceptional Leadership
      1. Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory
      2. A Team Never Forgets How You Make Them Feel
      3. Importance of Optimistic Leadership
      4. Definition of a Good Boss
      5. Knee-Jerk Reaction
      6. Adaptive Leadership
    4. Chapter XIX: Control the Controllables
    5. Chapter XX: Closing Advice
      1. Ten Books that Might Help You
      2. Highly Practical Tips
      3. Summary
  9. About the Author
  10. Index
  11. End User License Agreement