Chapter 9


No generalization is more pervasive than the millennials' use and overuse of, desire for, comfort with, and connection to, technology. This section would be remiss if it did not discuss millennials' relationship with technology. This chapter will identify assumptions associated with millennials and their use of technology, as well as identify common advice given on how to manage them. We'll look at the research and then review best practices that avoid generation stereotypes.

The Stereotypes

Alison is a millennial techno-guru. She believes that technology is an asset to the workplace and society as a whole. Considered an early adopter, Alison always has the latest gadget and downloads the newest apps. She views Apple as a religion and the iPhone as her temple. Unable to step away from her gadgets, she consistently uses social media while at work. She is unable to imagine a world in which she would not have her phone in her hand or on the desk in front of her. She is also full of ideas about how the company can adopt new technologies to improve work processes. Furthermore, if the company is slow to adopt new technologies, she will think less of the organization and consider moving on.

The following are three key stereotypes about millennials and technology:

  1. Millennials view technology more positively than any other generation.
  2. Millennials are more comfortable adopting new technologies.
  3. Millennials are always connected and prefer to interact via technology, ...

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