How to do it...

To add transparency and color emission maps to materials, follow these steps:

  1. Import the provided files.
  2. Duplicate the card_diffuse_start Texture, naming the copy card_diffuse.
  3. From the Project panel, drag the FBX model package into the Hierarchy to create a GameObject in the Scene.
  4. Create a new Material named m_card. Choose Project menu: Create | Material. Drag the card_diffuse Texture into the Albedo property of m_card.
  5. In the Hierarchy, select PackageCard (child of package), and assign it your new m_card Material.
  6. Create a new Material named m_plastic. Choose Project menu: Create | Material. Change its Rendering Mode to Transparent. Use the Diffuse color picker to change the color's RGB values to 56/56/56, and Alpha to ...

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