Time for action - check for victory

Our matchesMade, matchesNeededToWin, and playerHasWon variables have been standing at the ready this whole time. Let's finally make use of them.

  1. Add these few lines to the FlipCardFaceUp function, where you're detecting a match:
    if(aCardsFlipped[0].id == aCardsFlipped[1].id)
    // Match!
    aCardsFlipped[0].isMatched = true;
    aCardsFlipped[1].isMatched = true;
    matchesMade ++;
    if(matchesMade >= matchesNeededToWin)
    playerHasWon = true;
  2. Add a new function call to the OnGUI function:
    function OnGUI () {
    GUILayout.BeginArea (Rect (0,0,Screen.width,Screen.height));
    if(playerHasWon) BuildWinPrompt();
  3. And, now, we'll use some ...

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