Time for action - go boom

I must say, there's a distinct missing element to our bomb-centric game to this point. What could it be, what could it be? Ah, yes. ASSPLOSIONS. When they hit the ground OR the player, those bombs need to blow up real good. Sounds like a particle system would do just the trick.

  1. Make sure you're no longer testing the game.
  2. Click on GameObject | Create Other | Particle System. Rename it Explosion. (Or Assplosion if you want to be awesome about it.)
  3. Create a new Prefab and name it Explosion. Drop it into your Prefabs folder to keep the project organized.
  4. Click and drag the Explosion Particle System into the Explosion Prefab container.
  5. Delete the Explosion Game Object from the Hierarchy panel.
  6. Point your mouse at the Scene ...

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