Level editor – adding/removing walls at runtime

Now that our level editor will be able to load in this data, we now want to have a way to actually modify what we see onscreen. To do this, we'll need to create a GUI interface and functionality for our level editor.

  1. The first thing we need to do is add a variable to keep track of what item we want to spawn:
    //The object we are currently looking to spawn
    Transform toCreate;
  2. Now, we need to initialize this variable inside our Start function:
    toCreate = tiles[0];
  3. Next, we need to update our Update function and then explain how it's working, as follows:
    void Update() { // Left click - Create object if (Input.GetMouseButton(0) && GUIUtility.hotControl==0) { Vector3 mousePos = Input.mousePosition; //Set the ...

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