Implications for
Facility Managers and
ADA Compliance
Universal Design Implications for Facility Management 84
United Methodist Organization Model for ADA Compliance 84
Implications for Facility Management 90
Remodel of the Football Stadium at Purdue University 98
ADA in Action: Legal Rulings in Sports Arenas 101
ANSI Classroom Acoustics Standard: Let the Word Be Heard 103
Addendum to the ADA 103
ANSI Classroom Acoustics Standard 103
A Standard to Remove Acoustical Barriers Is Developed 103
History 104
Classroom Acoustics Standard Approved June 2002 104
Good Timing for Designers 104
The Standard 105
How to Access the ASA/ANSI Standard 105
Summary 105
Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Lessons Learned 105
The Occupational Therapy Accessibility Specialist: Consultation for Implementing
Universal Design and ADA Compliance 107
References 110

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