--arch= arch

Install the package for the specified architecture. Not valid with -u, --list, or --dry-run.


Configure the Update Agent. Puts up a graphical window that lets you configure proxy and authentication information, retrieval options, and packages and files to skip.

--channel channels

Specify the channels to use.

-d, --download

Download the specified package, but do not install it.

--dbpath path

Specify the path to an alternate RPM database. The default path is /var/lib/rpm.


Go through the motions, but don’t actually download and install any packages.

--exclude packages

Exclude packages in the comma-separated list packages from being installed or updated.

-f, --force

Force package installation. Overrides file, package, and configuration skip lists.


Download the packages, but don’t resolve any dependencies.


Download the source package. Don’t resolve any dependencies.


List the flags that will be used when GPG is invoked. Useful for scripts that want to invoke GPG the way up2date does.

-h, --help

Print a help message and exit.

-i, --install

Download and install the package. Overrides configuration option. Cannot be used with --download.


Install all available packages on the channel specified by --channel.


Add packages to the database, but do not install them to the filesystem.

-k, --packagedirdirs

Use the colon-separated list of directories to search for packages.

-l, --list

List packages available for update. ...

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