Summary of the info Command

The info command displays information about the state of the debuggee (as opposed to show, which provides information about internal GDB features, variables and options). With no arguments, it provides a list of possible features about which information is available.

info ...

Information displayed

address sym

Information about where symbol sym is stored. This is either a memory address or a register name.


Information about all registers, including floating-point registers.


Information about the arguments to the current function (stack frame).

break [bpnum]

Information about breakpoint bpnum if given, or about all breakpoints if not.

breakpoints [bpnum]

Same information as the info break command.


Information on exception handlers active in the current frame.

classes [regexp]

Information about Objective-C classes that match regexp, or about all classes if regexp is not given.


Information about items in the automatic display list.


Information about the correspondence of filename extensions to source code programming languages.

f [address]

Same information as the info frame command.


Information about the current debugging target, including the current executable, core, and symbol files.


Information about the floating-point flags and registers.

frame [address]

With no argument, print information about the current frame. With an address, print information about ...

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