cdrecord [general-options] dev=device [track-options] track1 track2 ...

Record data or audio compact discs or DVDs. This program normally requires privileged user access, and has a large number of options and settings. A number of useful examples can be found in the manpage, which is quite extensive.

General Options

General options go directly after the cdrecord command name. Options affecting the track arguments are placed after the device argument and before the track arguments themselves. Options have two forms: traditional options that start with a hyphen, and “variable” assignments, of the form variable = value. Long named options start with only a single hyphen. The general options are:


Attempt to send an abort sequence to the drive. May be needed if other software has left the drive in an unusable state. cdrecord -reset may be necessary as well.


Display the ATIP (Absolute Time In Pregroove) information for a disc. Only some drives allow you to read this information.

blank= type

Erase data from a CD-RW in one of the following ways:


Erase all information on the disc. May take a long time.


Perform a quick erase of the disc, erasing only the PMA, TOC, and pregap.


Display a possible list of blanking methods.


Blank the last session.


Blank a track.


Blank the tail of a track only.


Unclose the last session.


Unreserve a track previously marked as reserved.

-checkdrive ...

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