javadoc [options] files |classes

Process declaration and documentation comments in Java source files and produce HTML pages describing the public and protected classes, interfaces, constructors, methods, and fields.

In the case that there are too many files to list on the command line, you may list the source and class files in a separate file, and indicate the contents of the file to javadoc by prepending an @ to the filename.

javadoc uses “doclets” to format the source code. You can supply your own doclet with the -doclet option. The standard doclet produces HTML. The following section lists the union of the javadoc options and those of the standard doclet.


Options are case-insensitive, although option arguments may not be.


Create documentation matching that of javadoc 1.1. No longer available; use javadoc 1.2 or 1.3 if you need it.


Include @author tags.

-bootclasspath path

Use the colon-separated list of directories in path for the boot classes, instead of the boot classes used by the java command itself.

-bottom text

Place text at the bottom of each output file. text may contain HTML tags and whitespace, but must be quoted if it does.


Use internationalized sentence boundary of java.text.BreakIterator for English for the first sentence, which is copied to the index. The default is to use a locale-specific algorithm for English.

-charset charset

Use charset as the HTML character set for the document.

-classpath path

Use the colon-separated ...

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