Chapter 15. Common Desktop Environment

The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) represents the effort of major UNIX vendors to unify UNIX at the desktop level. CDE is widely used by X terminal and workstation users on many UNIX systems. Because you may be managing many UNIX variants that run CDE, I’ll cover CDE on IBM’s AIX systems, Hewlett-Packard’s HP-UX systems, and Sun Microsystems’ Solaris systems. This chapter provides an introduction to CDE: it touches on the basics of CDE’s look and feel, describes making changes to the CDE environment, and offers a bit of background about the X, Motif, and CDE relationships. CDE versions used to write this chapter are: AIX CDE 1.0, HP-UX CDE 2.1.0, and Solaris CDE 1.3. Newer releases will have enhanced features, ...

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