“” (quotation marks) in cmdlets, 344

3PIP (Third-Party Interoperability Program), 838

50,000-59,999 port range, NAT and, 946947


access control entries (ACEs), applying to domain root, 51

Access Edge service, 110

certificate names, 140

enabling features, 124127

federation, 111

public provider connectivity, 111

remote access, 110

weighting DNS records, 384385

access numbers for dial-in conferencing

configuring, 545546

reordering, 546

access points (APs), planning, 243244

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). See Response Groups

ACEs (access control entries), applying to domain root, 51


directory synchronization, 700, 862

synchronized user accounts, 702703

Active Directory

administration groups, 47

dependencies, ...

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