37Authenticity and Transparency

The terms transparency and authenticity have become quite the buzz terms lately. There are so many courses and workshops available out there that claim to teach you how to be your authentic self. The level of irony this speaks to is so high that we really don't know where to start with it. You do not need a consultant to teach you how to be yourself. Issues and challenges often do arise when you set out to decide where to draw the line with being yourself online and in business. You need to understand the difference between authenticity and transparency.

Authenticity in business is all about realizing that your strongest asset in your company should be you. When you stop trying to pretend to be like other people and focus on your own strengths, you bring authenticity to the table. Outsource your weaknesses and the things that you don't like to do, and remember your strengths. Your competition cannot be you.

Authenticity is easier. It is so much simpler just to be yourself. You never have to worry about remembering what you said about something to make sure you aren't contradicting yourself. Some people call being authentic “personal branding,” but we just call it good business.

So where do you draw the line at being authentic? What is too much information or opinion to give out when it comes to your personal thoughts and life? This is a really important question to think about when you are using social media to promote your business or connect ...

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