Chapter 53. Trade Shows

TRADE SHOWS ARE a great opportunity for engagement. You get lots of customers in one place and can put your best foot forward. You have a chance to connect with potential customers and promote your brand. The problem is that many vendors, like sales associates in retail, don't understand that simple body language and attitude can make or break potential on-the-spot sales. It's awkward to approach a booth with the rep sitting in a chair. It reminds me of seeing Santa Claus at the mall for the first time. Unless you want me sitting on your lap, stand up.

I get it, trade shows can be really tiring, especially in the later days of the show. The long days on your feet really can wear you down. But you need to remember that at some shows the buying decision is done on those last few days. Even though you have seen hundreds or even thousands of people go by, this may be the first time a buyer has seen you, so your first impression is still important.

A few months ago, I was speaking at an event and decided to hop over to the trade show exhibit area to see what was around. Although that was not really the reason for my being at the event, I also happen to be a part of their target market. This was the second to last day of the trade show and it really showed! You could tell most of the vendors were just looking forward to getting home. It does not make a good impression when you leave early or stay physically but refuse to give any more attention to the attendees. ...

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