Chapter 19The Game of Loyalty

I have no problem admitting I'm a geek—was one before it was cool to be one. I grew up collecting comics, promising myself that when I became successful I'd buy all the incredible statues of my favorite characters that were outside the reach of my kid-sized budget. Fast-forward to today and my coworkers are Rhino, Wolverine, and the Joker, to name three of the 40 I own. Like I said, I'm a geek image

Along with comic books, video games have been a part of my life since Atari 2600. So when Toronto's Fan Expo1 was announced, combining video games and comic books, we packed up the family, bought our VIP early access passes, and headed into the city.

Our passes meant that we were in the first group of people into the convention, so when we arrived, some booths were still working on setting up. The kids wanted to try the demos of the new games that were coming out,2 so we hurried passed the other VIPs, most of whom were in costume, toward the video game section. If you don't hit those games early, the line-ups turn Disneyworld-sized, and I didn't want to miss my, I mean the kids', chance to play.

My son tried out Ubisoft's latest installment of Splinter Cell, which was cool since being a Halo/Call of Duty household, we'd never really gotten into the series. He really enjoyed the demo and played for as long as he could. Since the game just came out and this was ...

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