Chapter 48Return the Brand High Five

I live on the road, in hotels, and at airports. Whereas some people keep suitcases at the back of their closets, I live out of mine.

So when I read about the Genius Pack on, I was excited to try it out! I trusted the site, and the suitcase was exactly what I'd been looking for. I ordered one that day.

The case arrived quickly and had all the compartments and fancy add-ons I had hoped for (better pockets, phone charger built in, dirty laundry compartment). I was a happy customer and decided to tweet about it.


A bunch of my followers jumped in and replied, some of whom were also looking for suitcases. Travel, and anything to make it more comfortable, is a popular topic on Twitter, and the tweet led to a great conversation.

You know who didn't join in though? Genius Pack. The company remained quiet.

When would-be or happy current customers mention your product or service, they are putting up their hands for a high five. It's not to say when we compliment a brand we have to get a reply, but when we make an effort to include the Twitter name, it shows we are including you in the conversation. (I still remember my first reply from a brand, Cirque du Soleil. Love them.) This is an opportunity for engagement that is all too often ignored. As businesses we are quick to reply to angry customers but often leave happy ones hanging.

Genius ...

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