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Unstoppable You: Adopt the New Learning 4.0 Mindset and Change Your Life

Book Description

Never stop learning.

What will it take to make work better? A significant upgrade to everyone’s ability to learn. That’s the ticket to a successful and fulfilling life.

Visionary teacher and lifelong learner Pat McLagan views learning ability as software for processing daily life. And like all software, learning software require upgrades—and regular reboots! In Unstoppable You: Adopt the New Learning 4.0 Mindset and Change Your Life, McLagan shares her method for keeping learning powers sharp, ensuring that we can continuously advance and adapt in a nonstop world. We’re born with basic programming, which is learning 1.0. Then, we update. We evolve and upgrade as we make our way through the education system in learning 2.0; we start to self-manage how we learn as we integrate our diverse experiences and master skills in learning 3.0. That brings us to learning 4.0—learning mastery. This final upgrade equips us with survival skills for the 21st century—skills essential to meeting our goals (whatever they may be) in a world that’s always in motion.

Discover McLagan’s seven practices for effective lifelong learning—from hearing and heeding calls to learn, to taking steps to translate new skills into action. Unstoppable You also includes a complete toolkit of supporting templates, guides, and tips. Unstoppable You is the handbook to your dynamic future. Begin actively shaping your success in fast-changing times today.