Chapter 3The Playmaker

Good, great, and elite performers do similar things. What often separates one group from the others is the consistency and excellence with which they do them.

Whereas an undertaker mindset and performance are unacceptable, and a caretaker's are mediocre, a playmaker demonstrates a significant upgrade in mindset, energy, drive, and performance. Consider the playmaker somewhat of a “game changer light”—doing many of the right things and demonstrating the same resilient mindset, just not nearly as consistently as the game changer (for reasons this chapter will begin to explain—and they are all fixable).

A Vital Role

It is unlikely you will have a team or be on a team with nothing but game changers. Thus, playmakers play a vital role on any team. With mindset adjustments that evoke more consistent and productive behaviors, playmakers can elevate themselves to the status of game changer among their teammates. Remember, it is not a difference just in physical effort, but in mental strength, that is a key separator between playmakers and game changers.

Automotive and banking executive Dave Wilson Sr. explains his own evolution in this regard. But first, for perspective, here is a short background on this game-changing entrepreneur. Preston Ford Inc. was founded in 1975. Becoming a partner in 1981, Dave Wilson Sr. later bought out the original founder in 1992. Preston Ford has since evolved into the Preston Automotive Group with 13 locations representing nine ...

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