Chapter 4The Game Changer

Being in a league of your own as a game changer does not mean that you are number one in a league that everyone else is in. Instead, it is about being so good at what you do that you create another league, and you are the only one in it.

If you have been paying attention as you read the past three chapters, you already know quite a bit about game changers, and are aware of some mental adjustments you may need to make to work and live in more of a game changer status. Here is a quick review of key points, as well as additional insights to solidify your understanding of nine things it takes to become unstoppable.

  1. Game changers are not born; they are made. But they are made from the inside out; they cannot be forced, or persuaded from the outside in. You can listen to pep talks, attend lectures on the value of hard work and paying the price, and study countless examples—as I am providing in this book—of the traits others developed and applied to reach game changer status. But until you decide to think differently, stop blaming or making excuses, change your behaviors, replace unproductive habits with healthy habits, and get so focused on your dreams—and why you want them—that you become unstoppable, you are resigned to spend more of your time bouncing around the undertaker, caretaker, and playmaker performance categories, while game changer status eludes you.

    There is no question that your thinking can be influenced from the outside in, or that you ...

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