Chapter 9The Key to Mental Toughness

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

—Martin Luther King Jr. (AZ Quotes 2017)

It would be difficult to find many people who would deny the role of mental toughness in becoming unstoppable in any field. Developing oneself to game changer status will require persistence, tenacity, focus, resilience, diligence, the right attitude, and faith. Speaking of faith, have you ever given thought to the direct correlation between faith and mental toughness? Frankly, how can one be mentally tough enough to fight and persist if one did not have faith that doing so would bring a worthy outcome or result? In fact, without faith in something positive or better, why even bother getting up at all each morning? It could also be argued that those who lose faith in tomorrow (or who do not believe the price they are paying or what they are enduring is worth the potential prize or payoff) simply quit—be it a job, a project, or a pursuit. Tragically, some decide to execute the ultimate “quit” and terminate their own existence when there is so little of an apparent promise in a better future. Without faith in something, what or who are you fighting for? Why get up so early, work so late, and go so hard from start to finish? Why bother to follow a process, or develop discipline, or forgo instant gratification unless you had faith it would benefit yourself or others, or would somehow help quench your WHY? The truth is you would ...

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