Chapter 11Develop a Daily Mindset Discipline

I think how you start the day many times determines what kind of day you're going to have.

—Joel Osteen (AZ Quotes 2017)

If, after reading the past 10 chapters, you have identified either productive or destructive attitudes or habits in thinking and behaviors, the chances are good that these did not take root overnight. Rather, they were reinforced over time by certain influences in your life. For instance, the mindset to take responsibility may have started early on as parents or coaches stressed its importance over a matter of years. On the other (negative) side, you may have developed a go-to excuse that you have used for years or even decades. Perhaps it directs the blame to your parents, education, ethnicity, gender, and the like in order to explain away your lack of results in a certain area, or to justify poor character choices with the belief that “This is just the way I am.” If the latter mindsets and habits have gradually become ingrained into your being over time, you might also expect that undoing them or replacing them with healthier mindsets and habits will not happen overnight, but will require a process—over time—to become part of your more robust, unstoppable philosophy.

You Cannot Simply “Not Have” a Mindset

Mindset is defined as “the established attitudes held by someone” (Google 2017). The question is not whether you have established attitudes, but rather what those established attitudes are.

This prompts additional ...

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