Chapter 7: Entity Network Mapping and Analysis

7.1 Introduction. 117

7.2 Entity Network Mapping. 118

7.2.1 Shared Entity Attributes. 118

7.2.2 Entity Interactions. 119

7.3 Entity Network Analysis. 122

7.3.1 Articulation Points and Biconnected Components. 122

7.3.2 Minimum Spanning Trees. 125

7.3.3 Clique Detection. 127

7.3.4 Minimum Cut 128

7.3.5 Shortest Paths. 131

7.4 Summary. 134


7.1 Introduction

This chapter will focus on structuring and analyzing your data to understand the networks formed by entity relationships within your data sources. When performing Entity Resolution (ER), as I did in the last chapter, I am attempting to resolve entity references to the same real-world entity. However, Entity Network Mapping and Analysis (ENMA) ...

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