CHAPTER 7The Power of UDA in the Legal Industry

If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.

—W. Edwards Deming


Today we are living in an increasingly connected world, where more than 3.9 billion people have access to the Internet. Technology advances have recorded growth of unprecedented computing power, which enables machines to become proficient at performing high-frequency, high-volume, labor-intensive human tasks.

The demography of the workforce is changing across all industries, and the legal field is no exception. The rise of Millennials in the workplace will significantly alter the nature of talent available for law firms of the future. The majority of talent will be Millennials who, having “grown up digital,” are highly adaptive to technological changes.

Throughout this book, we have discussed and demonstrated the impact of UDA, Big Data analytics, and artificial intelligence in several industries and professions. The data-driven change that we underscored elsewhere is entering the legal system, as the profession has and continues to generate an overwhelming amount of data. Every case that reaches the court is an important source of relevant data and insights that lawyers must leverage to build their cases and defend their clients.

The good news is that this data is becoming more and more digitized. It can easily feed unstructured data analytics (UDA) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms ...

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