The Untangle IPsec VPN is mainly used to provide site-to-site connections, which have many advantages over site-to-site solutions provided by OpenVPN including (but not limited to) better support for sharing, replication, LDAP protocols, and higher speed. Untangle IPsec VPN also provides the client-to-site connection method based on L2TP/IPsec. These features come at an additional cost as Untangle, Inc. provides the IPsec VPN as a paid module.

How the IPsec VPN works

The IPsec VPN works on the OSI layer 3 (the network layer), which allows the encryption of information from layer 3 and the above layers. Thus, any eavesdropper will not be able to get any information about the packet, including the used ports and the IP addresses.

Unlike SSL/TLS ...

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