Level 3. Answers to Review Questions

Chapter 21 Review Questions

1. What three axes are discussed?

X,Y, and Z.

2. What three planes are discussed?

XY, ZX, and YZ.

3. What 3D toolbars are introduced in this chapter?

View, 3D Navigation, Visual Styles, UCS, Modeling, and Render.

4. What command is used most often to create 3D objects?


5. How do you rotate the UCS icon?

Via the UCS command or UCS toolbar icons.

6. What does hide do?

Hide turns off lines that would not be visible if the shape were a solid.

7. What does shade do?

Shade adds colored shading, with light effects, to your design.

8. What are the two types of shade?

The two types are conceptual and realistic.

9. What is the purpose of the Navigation bar?

To present additional ...

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